the BEST blueberry cobbler… ever.



After a weekend full of baseball, I NEEDED to have a good dinner… we were a little over having ballpark hotdogs {even though they taste better at the ballpark for some reason}. I whipped up the Pioneer Woman’s hamburgers, which were delicious, and the Best blueberry cobbler… ever. I’m not that original with adjectives that describe my food… I’m pretty sure it always starts out as the Best or the Greatest . Nonetheless, you will want to make this warm summer dessert and you’ll be so glad you did. Top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I’m not sure it gets much better than that. [Read more...]

sweet georgia peach basil mojitos… delish!

last weekend we had dinner with some dear friends at one of favorite restaurants. milton’s is a quaint establishment set up in a 150 year-old farmhouse in the heart of crabapple/milton. many of the fresh ingredients they use come from the 1 acre garden they have out back. how awesome is that?


the southern food with a modern flare is sure to not disappoint… but beyond the homemade pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes, a certain peach libation caught our attention. and oh. my. goodness! it was a georgia summer all caught up in a mason jar. it was just too good to not try to make one of these at home… so, after many attempts, i do believe i have the second best georgia peach basil mojito.

  peach basil mojito

This is for 1 drink:

1 peach

1 shot of white rum. I used Myers

1 lime

1 tbls. sugar

3 basil leaves

Peel and coarsely chop the peach. Using a cheesecloth or sieve, create a peach puree. Set aside. In your glass, place a tablespoon of sugar, 3 basil leaves and 1/2 tsp of lime rind and 1 tbsp of lime juice. Muddle the ingredients together. Add the peach puree and rum. mix together and serve over ice.

have guests coming to visit? Welcome them with this drink and I’m pretty sure they may never leave.

happy summer!


my husbands favorite dinner… croque monsieur


have you ever seen the movie It’s Complicated? that movie happens to be our favorite movie! i always get inspired to cook, dream about my ‘next’ kitchen, how i’d like to have my garden, and possibly a bakery {the last idea would never happen, but if i did have a bakery, it would totally be like the one in the movie}. if you’re familiar with the movie, then you must remember the part where she whips up these amazing sandwiches called Croque-Monsieurs. [Read more...]

Tips on how to decorate your kitchen



There is no other space used more than a kitchen. It’s often overlooked as a space to decorate… until now! [Read more...]

Tips on Hosting an Easter Brunch


The Easter season is such a special time in our family. Not only do we celebrate lots of birthdays in our family, but we most importantly celebrate that Jesus is Risen. If your family is anything like mine, Easter morning is pretty chaotic. You know… hiding the eggs, explaining why the Easter Bunny comes and when, putting the kids church clothes on practically in the car to hopefully keep them clean a little longer. If you’re hosting the family over afterwards for Easter brunch like me, well you just stepped crazy chaos up a notch. I’ve made a list of must do’s to help your Easter Brunch go perfectly.


1}  Make a list of who is coming and go over with them the plan for activities. Will you be attending church together? Will you do your egg hunt before or after brunch?

2} Plan the menu. Keep it simple and ask for help.

Ham, quiche, fresh fruit, scones, and coconut cake are my most favorite things to eat on Easter.

Doesn’t this quiche look yummy? You can find the recipe at Southern Living


3} Get out the dishes and serving pieces you want to use.

I like to write on a piece of paper what is being served on each piece.

4} Plan the activities for the kids… obviously an egg hunt, maybe a plastic egg toss? Easter pictionary is always fun for the kids and the adults.

5} Set the table and decorate the night before

6} enjoy!

I hope that this list spares your sanity!  Happy Easter, y’all!


‘Mom’s Night Out’ must see movie!

Oh my goodness, last night I was invited to go see the preview for a movie that is coming out Mother’s Day weekend called, Mom’s Night Out. It’s such a great movie! If you have small children, grown children, hope to have children, a mother or father, you need to go see this movie!


If you do have kids then I am sure you can relate to the moms in this movie! I laughed so hard I cried, and I cried because I felt like so many parts described me!  At the end of the movie, you remember to embrace the chaos and find the joy when it’s hard, because we all know it can be hard!  So, grab your friends, family or whoever and go see it! You’ll be glad you did :)

favorite things party

Have you ever been to a Favorite Things Party??? Oh. My. Goodness, it was the BEST  girls night ever!! If you have never hosted or been to one, you must put that on your list of things to do this year! not next year, this. year!

[Read more...]

Creating a Design Plan from your Pinterest Board

I just wrote a guest post on One Girl One House about how to use your color inspirations on a Pinterest Board to create a design plan. Go check it out!

Chalk Paint (TM) has moved to Linden


i am super excited to be a part of the cutest european inspired boutique in downtown woodstock named linden. Laurie has graciously opened her doors to me and my chalk paint (TM) business.

plus, i have quaint little places to hold classes…


which i have them set on the following dates:

saturday, march 22nd from 10:30-1:00

saturday, april 26th from 10:30-1:00

the cost of the class is $95, includes all materials and you get to take your samples home!

please call the shop at 770.928.2222 to reserve your spot!!

my love affair with cleaning products

my hubby and i went to Fresh Market this past weekend to kick off our ‘it’s the first of the year, so let’s eat better, plus swim suit season is on the horizon’ plan. what better way to get you motivated than to peruse the beautiful aisles of Fresh Market or Whole Foods.  Because we both like to look at different things {he loves to spend lots of time looking at the cheeses, while i love looking at the beautiful baked goodies} AND we were kid-less we split ways. about 20 minutes later he hunts me down and finds me doing what i love the most… sniffing cleaning products. to my defense, they are natural, right? oh. my. goodness. have you smelled Mrs. Meyer’s Rosemary?? delicious! i truly enjoy all of Mrs. Meyer’s products, i’ve been hooked on the Radish sent lately. it’s fresh and peppery. it’s just divine. but, when it runs out i am definitely switching it up for the rosemary.


i jokingly said to my husband “with my addiction to cleaning supplies,  you would think that our house would be immaculate.” which got me thinking. do you feel that when you’re house is clean no one stops over unexpectedly, but the minute your house is in complete disarray everyone and their mother decides to stop by? this happened to me when i graciously invited a neighbor in who was dropping something off. i didn’t worry about cleaning up because she was just handing something over… but when she got here, her pen wouldn’t work and it was 22 degrees outside. i really wanted to tell her that i would be back with a pen, but i couldn’t leave her out there in the cold. so, i invited her into the chaos. the kids had just gotten home from school, so book bags and paper work was scattered all over the counter. baby bottles filled the sink ledge. coats and shoes thrown on the floor. my 2 year old was running around pant-less. it was crazy-town.

after that moment, i decided that i don’t want to feel like that again. i know, you shouldn’t care what people think. but the reality is, i do. even though i try not to let things like that bother me, they do. i wanted to welcome her in and feel proud of our home, not try to hurry her out before she saw the mounds of folded/unfolded laundry on my kitchen table.

i sat down and wrote a list. my daily cleaning plan.

it starts off with my cleaning arsonal.

cleaning products

i try to do this everyday or at least every other day.

- put Mrs. Meyer’s in the toilets and sinks in the bathroom.

- Master Bedroom: make bed, take water glasses to kitchen, dust, take clothes to laundry room.

-Master Bathroom: wipe counters, spray shower with cleaner, wipe mirror, clean toilet.

Hall Bathroom: clean toilet and sink. empty trash can.

Family Room: pick up toys, dust, fluff cushions.

Breakfast area: clean up breakfast, wipe table, wipe chairs

Entry: dust the entry table, shake rug

Kitchen: unload dishwasher {i usually run the dish washer at night}, load dishwasher, wash bottles, put away things on the counter, wipe counters, wipe barstools.

Start laundry

Sweep and vacuum entire downstairs

Kids room: make their beds and put any clothes/toys away

Kids Bathroom: wipe down counters, clean toilet and spray/rinse tub

all in all it takes me about 35-45 minutes at full speed

want to know what the trick is? taking the time in the beginning to make a home for everything. that way, when you’re cleaning up you already know where things go. invest time to organize so that when you start your daily clean-up routine, it goes fast and everyone in your home knows where things are. i can’t guarantee that you’re never going to hear “mom, where’s my baseball glove?” but maybe it’ll help your household run a bit smoother.


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