About Us

It all started out as a small interior design firm…
Here’s how it began…

My first job was in construction… as an office manager.  My parents owned a small construction company my whole life, so after graduating college I jumped in to help run the family business. I later realized that I was given the gift of being creative and being behind a desk all day wasn’t really who I was.

I had always had interest in interior design, so I went back to college and got my interior design degree. When I graduated, I had a very small baby at home so the thought of having a huge career that kept me away from him from sun up to sun down just didn’t fit into my plans. So, I took the plunge and opened up my own design company.

It was wonderful and I loved being creative and having a new project to work on all of the time. Then baby #2 came… and my wants and needs changed again. I decided to hang my design career up for a little bit so that I could spend my days holding and playing with my babies.

I will always have the desire to be creative… knowing that I love sewing, textiles, patterns and color, I decided to create a funky chair and then some fun pillows. After a few more chairs and pillows were made, Nicole Flint Collection was born.  That’s how I got here!

But there is more to me than just that…

I am a wife to my hunky hubby, Chris, and a mom to my 2 boys, Keegan {4} and Gavin {9 months}. I love my parents, my sister and 2 brothers… I can’t resist brownies, chocolate chip cookies or anything sweet for that matter. I can spend hours in fabric and paper stores. I love baking with my boys and make sure that we always have chocolate chips on hand just in case we want to make something. I love date nights with my hubs. I love getting cards from my dad. I love spending time with my girlfriends. I love what wonderful grandparents my parents are. I love to rearrange and redesign my home {a lot!}.  I love sitting on our front porch and sippin’ sweet tea in the summer.  We are a goofy family and laugh a lot… we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. Most importantly, I love teaching my boys about God and His love, without that none of this would be possible.

Thank you for visiting!


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