how we do christmas & a holiday scavenger hunt

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i love, love, love christmas. everything about it. teaching our kids about the birth of the Prince of Peace, giving gifts, watching the magic of the holiday bring such joy and excitement to our kids, and having an excuse to surrender to the over indulgence of sweets.   every year we host christmas. we love having everyone over for the holidays. we always welcome my in-laws on christmas eve. they stay the night and watch our kids open gifts up from santa and then we eat yummy breakfast treats and then we open our family gifts. once my in-laws leave, my side of the family comes over. we eat christmas dinner, open gifts, watch Christmas Vacation and they stay the night, too. sometimes it would be easier if we just joined forces and held one giant christmas party, but we like celebrating separately so that each family gets more one-on-one time. we work so very hard preparing our hearts and homes for this one special day and it makes me so sad for what we've built up for for 364 days to be over in just a few short hours. so this year i have vowed to make christmas last not only on the 25th but the 24th, too.

to spice things up for my in-laws, we have come up with what think is awesome. the...


we will have 10 adults playing, we are going to split them up into 2 teams. i have come up with 5 clue cards and 2 cheer cards for each team. the clue cards have riddles to tell them where to go next. the cheer cards have a riddle that have to be  acted out.

for example... one cheer cards says 'oh no! you've slipped in the christmas potion, now you have to find your next clue walking in slow motion.'  another cheer card says 'ring the bell and get ready to sing, can you hear those sleigh bells ring?' they are going to have to go out caroling to some of our neighbors! i have included blank cards for you to print and write in your own riddles if you want to do a scavenger hunt with your family too! you can always use them for other things... gift tags, place cards, or notes.


click here to print.

hope you enjoy them!


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