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Have you ever been to a Favorite Things Party??? Oh. My. Goodness, it was the BEST  girls night ever!! If you have never hosted or been to one, you must put that on your list of things to do this year! not next year, this. year!

My sweet and wonderful friend, Chantel, and I each invited 2  friends. I didn't know her 2 and she didn't know the ladies I invited. Since our group was only 6, we decided to meet up at a restaurant that we have all been wanting to try and bring our favorite things wrapped up.

We each brought enough of our favorite things so that each person had one to take home. We didn't put a dollar limit or limit it to just 1 thing, we just said bring whatever is your favorite, even if it's something you make! If you know me, you know that I LOVE cake plates, pens and any kind of personalized paper products.

Here are my FAVORITE Things...


This little cake plate and dome is just the cutest thing! You can get yours here. It's cute with 1 cupcake or even as a spring terrarium.

Have you ever written with one of these Sharpie pens? My sweet friend, Danielle, introduced me to the best pens you will ever write with!  It will quickly be your favorite pen, too! I'm a sucker for good writing pens, this one definitely doesn't disappoint. So, they went into my gift bags to give, too!


Last but definitely not least, I ordered these super awesome food gift tags.


I had them personalized with everyones name... I have a set myself and they are the perfect finishing touch when giving a baked good to a neighbor or wrapping everything up when you deliver dinner to a family who just brought home a new baby. They really are fantastic and are made of a nice heavy paper and I truly love a good quality paper.

Since our friends we invited didn't know each other, Chantel created a fun questionaire for each of us to answer via email so that we could get to know each other a little before the party. Here are the questions we asked...

1}Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon:

2} Favorite time of day for a cup of coffee: 

      3} Favorite thing to do on a summer day: 
4} Favorite flavor popsicle: 
5} Favorite flavor chapstick: 
6} Favorite thing about childhood: 
7} Favorite thing about being a grown-up: 
8} Favorite thing to find in your lunchbox: 
9} Favorite book? 
10} Favorite magazine? 
11} Something you can't resist: 
12} Something that keeps you up at night: 
13} Something that makes your heart skip a beat: 
14} Something you do to make yourself feel better: 
15} Best thing to put on a sandwich? 
16} Best thing to put on a pancake? 
17} Best snack for a road trip? 
18} Something I put on every morning? 
19} Something I do every night: 
20}A Favorite quote or saying
It was so funny reading the answers!!! My favorite answer to #19, Chantel does a split both ways before going to bed every night! Isn't that awesome??? And she is going to be 40 this month... and she still does a split everyday! She truly is my hero.
Here's a picture of us with all of our loot. I wish that we could have this party every month!!!
favorite things party
I'll show all of the amazing things we all went home with soon!!!

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