holiday home tour {our front porch}

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one of my most favorite things about our house is our front porch. i've had several posts on the way i decorate it throughout the year, like this one. we have lived in 2 other houses, both only had a front stoop... i love that look too, but i really enjoy sitting out front to watch the kids play and socialize with neighbors.

i normally don't decorate woods-y for the holiday, but this year i seem to be gravitating towards the more rustic look.

holiday porch collage 13

i had these weird swags, so i hooked them together to create the piece above our front door.

i l.o.v.e wreaths, so not having one on my front door sort of makes me sad, but i really like having this unexpected picture. i usually hang this ice skate on our newel post with garland, but i thought it would be cuter to hang it with the picture. it's all about the layering! plus, i'm not getting the garland out this year. i can just picture boy #2, who is 2, doing some sort of tarzan swinging action hero thing.

i have usually put a full sized tree out there, i ended up giving it away after christmas last year. it was super cheap and i had to fill it with garland to make it look half way normal, so i opted for the small tree and placed it in an urn. i miss how the big tree lights up the front so well. i'll be thankful when christmas is over and i'm not taking down this huge tree with several strands of lights. i guess i'm going simple-ish this year. the little sign says 'be cheerful and pass it on.' it's a cute little sign, i ordered them wholesale and have 5 of them... so you may see them in other pictures too 🙂

thanks for checking out our holiday front porch!


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