lamb lollipops with old neighbors… and her ‘must haves’ when welcoming guests

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you know those people who can whip up a good meal just opening up the pantry? they don't measure anything, they don't follow a recipe, they just create. we have the privilege of knowing someone who cooks just that way... it's wonderful to watch her cook and dance around the kitchen pulling pots, opening jars, pouring wine... however it's a little disheartening when you want the recipe for the dinner she made and dropped off at your house for no reason at all.

i wish i could say that we've known Kathy and her charming husband, Pete, for a long time, but truth be told they lived across the street from us for 2 years.... the entire first year and a half we only knew their names and would wave while checking the mail. finding out that Pete is an editor of a large hunting publication and my husbands affinity to hunting and the great outdoors sprang a friendship that should've started from the moment they moved in. after just 6 short months of brewing a friendship, Pete and Kathy moved to a new city. Not to far from here, but it's not across the street. it's been 4 months since they moved and we finally made it over to their house for dinner.

she is an entertainer. the ultimate hostess. when i think of someone who has deeply affected my desire to learn more about cooking and entertaining, she is one of the firsts. having dinner with them is so much fun... it's rare that both husbands and wives get along... especially when there is a pretty good age difference between us {they are as old as our parents, which makes it even more fun!}. Chris and Pete chat about fishing trips and fall hunting plans while Kathy and I chat about olive bruschetta and paint colors. more than an entertainer and hostess, Kathy is brazen and bold. She is loud and fiery... the traits that i hope to grow between now and 60 🙂

less about Kathy and Pete and more about what she served for dinner...

we started with roasted figs, scored into quarters and shoved with herbed goat cheese and prosciutto.  kathy3

this isn't exactly the same recipe for the figs, but sounds yummy!

Kathy is very good at creating meals Sandra Lee style. for our second appetizer, she had taken already made tomato focaccia from the local grocery and topped it with goat cheese, and fresh basil. she baked it and then drizzled a balsamic  glaze over top. de.lish.


i was fine just having those 2 things as my dinner... but that was just the beginning. for dinner, she made these lamb lollipops that were out of this world. i have to admit that lamb isn't one of my most favorite dinner choices, but hers were grilled and a perfect medium rare. for the side, she melted butter and garlic, tossed in lima beans, parsley and cherry tomatoes. it was so fresh... perfect for summer. here is a link to a similar salad.


the company and the food was just perfect.


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