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Hi, there! I wanted to blow the dust off this page and use it as a journal to document our family, our new home and design projects along the way! So here it goes... welcome to our new home!     Here is how this house became ours... We were actively looking for a new home. We lived in our house for 10 years and we were ready to move on.  Over the summer while Chris and the boys were on a finishing trip, I got the call from our realtor asking if we would be interested in having a family look at our house {even though our home wasn't on the market}. I thought that since my house was clean and the boys were gone, it was a good time to let them in to 'give feedback' on what we would need to do to get our home ready to sell. The couple ended up loving our home and put an offer on it... which was wonderful, except we didn't know where we were going! A few days before showing our home, we had gone to an open house for a property that had everything on our wish list. We kept saying that if the house was still on the market when our contract on our house was all good to go, then maybe that's where we were supposed to be. Whelp, it was still available! They accepted our offer and a family that had gone 4 times to see it put an offer in an hour after us! Right number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages... check School district... check Property... a good amount of grass, trees for fort building and adventuring, privacy, flat and walk-out from the mail level. CHECK! I'm excited to show you around! I have lots of plans for the space... the sweet couple we purchased from were  in their late 60's, so there are some areas that need a refresh aesthetically. These pictures are from the listing photos:  

I can't wait to use this space!

So that’s our new house! It is everything we were hoping for and my wheels are spinning hard. We can’t wait to add our style to every part of it. Most of all, we are so excited to make memories, invite friends in, host parties, use the yard,  climb the trees and allow this new home to be the backdrop to this new season of life. Get ready for lots of inspiration posts, design boards, big and little projects. It will be fun and I can't wait!!! -Nicole

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  1. Susan Lewis says:

    Nicole, It is so nice that you posted, just last week I had checked to see if you had posted anything lately. Congrats on the house, It will be spectacular when you put your style on it!